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  • April 6, 1937: Keeneland to Hold First Spring Meeting

    Keeneland will host its 1st spring meeting beginning April 17, 1937. The 11-day meet is to culminate with 27th running of the Blue Grass Stakes which originated at Lexington’s retired Kentucky Association track.

  • Showers At Keeneland; Burgoo Miss Captures 3rd Straight Victory

    LEXINGTON KY, Oct. 19, 1938
    Rain fell on Keeneland this afternoon for the first time during the meeting but the showers failed to dampen the enthusiasm, and a fairsized crowd saw Burgoo Miss race to her third straight victory here, and Volitation proved the victim of the first disqualification.

  • James Ben Ali Haggin

    On this day in history, 1914 noted Thoroughbred breeder and financier, James Ben Ali Haggin, died at 91. He is the namesake for a graded stakes race at Keeneland. The Ben Ali Stakes was first run at the Keeneland Association race track in 1917. Last run at the Kentucky Association track in 1922, the Ben Ali was revived at Keeneland in the spring of 1937. He purchased Elmendorf Farm, “one of the choicest bits of blue grass land,” in 1897 to establish his Kentucky breeding operations.

  • Seattle Slew Belmont Choice

    Seattle Slew faced 9 contenders in his bid for the Triple Crown on June 11, 1977 at the Belmont Stakes. The brilliant colt was an overwhelming favorite in his Belmont bid.

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