Item: KLGAL-ULPA-1994.18.1662

[Emma Guy Cromwell of Frankfort, Kentucky] (Portrait of Emma Guy Cromwell, who served as Secretary of State of Kentucky from 1924–1928. She is wearing an elaborate velvet textured dress and long necklace, clutching it with both hands. The photograph has been creased in the top corner and what could be a fan drawn into the back of her hair. Stamped on bottom, front of image: (credit) Cusick Studio (Frankfort). Handwritten on back: Secretary of State –Frankfort, Kentucky–, For state capital page.) 1924-1928

This image is part of the Herald-Post Collection, ca. 1925-1936, housed at the University of Louisville. The photographer was from Cusick Studios, and the collector was the Herald-Post. This image was digitized in 2004, and updated in 2009.