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[Oxmoor, Louisville, Kentucky, 1935] (Yard or gardens at the William Marshall Bullitt home, Oxmoor, now Oxmoor Shopping Center, Louisville, Kentucky. Flower gardens are on either side of a grass path. At a clearing in the garden on the left there is a square table, a wicker chair, and a striped lawn chair. William Marshall Bullitt (1873-1957) was the son of Thomas Walker and Annie Walker Bullitt. William Marshall Bullitt received a law degree from the University of Louisville in 1895. In 1912 he was appointed solicitor general by President William Howard Taft. Later he was named special assistant to the attorney general. Bullitt married Nora Iasigi of Boston, Massachusetts, on May 31, 1913. They had three children: Thomas, Nora, and Barbara. Oxmoor was the Bullitt family estate. Thomas Walker Bullitt was the son of William Marshall and Nora Iasigi Bullitt. With the death of William Marshall Bullitt in 1957, ownership of the family estate Oxmoor passed to Thomas Walker Bullitt under a trustee arrangement that prohibited the sale of the house or lands. Thomas Walker Bullitt willed Oxmoor, including the house, outbuildings, and 70 acres to the Filson Club Historical Society in 1991.)